Highland Lakes Residential Association, LLC, has begun the election process of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) in the fifth sector. The fifth sector is made up of 33 homes on Highland Lakes Trace, Highland Lakes Bend, Highland Lakes Lane, and Highland Lakes Way. The reason this sector was chosen first is because it is one of the oldest sectors in the community and it is a completed sector.

The Covenants were crafted to allow for each neighborhood within Highland Lakes to elect 3 members to fill ARC Board seats. These 3 representatives will fulfill 3 primary functions (per the covenants).
1. Approve ARC submittals within neighborhoods where all homes are built and sold.
2. Serve as an Advisory Board for the elected or developer appointed board members.
3. Elect the HLRA Board members once the developer no longer appoints HLRA Board members. Until all homes are built in the master plan the developer appoints HLRA Board Members.
The first meeting was held on September 24th, and we believe it was a successful meeting. We met with everyone in the fifth sector at Mr. & Mrs. Stainback’s home, there were 10 people in attendance; even though it was a small turn out but this allowed us to be very productive. We were able to let everyone know what the ARC is and how it functions, and update everyone on some upcoming improvements to the neighborhood as well as address any concerns that were brought up. We are looking forward to upcoming meetings in the 7th and 9th sectors before the end of the year with more meeting to come after the first of the year.