April 26, 2017

Re:  Highland Lakes Master Plan


 Dear Highland Lake Residents, 

       We have recently submitted a request to Shelby County Planning and Zoning to request the revision of the Master Plan for Highland Lakes 32nd Sector 2nd Phase.  In the original Master Plan, the number of lots approved were 88 lots.  We are requesting approval for the number of lots to be reduced to 12 estate lots. 

       Also, we have concluded from experience that our re-designed access road currently being used for Highland Lake is adequate to service the lake. This road layout allows for one additional lot at the end of Highland Lakes Cove (1st Sector 7th Phase). 

      We have included for your review the original Master Plan that was approved in 2015 and the proposed revised Master Plan indicating the lot reduction. 

      After our engineers have studied the current proposed density of our current Master Plan, the consensus of our planners is to reduce the currently approved density. We believe the reduced density benefits all stake holders in the Highland Lakes Community. It significantly reduces grading on the mountainside and preserves the trees.  In addition, the future traffic behind the gates is significantly reduced by 87 future homes being removed from the Master Plan. 

      Shelby County Planning and Zoning will be having a public hearing May 15, 2017 to hear our request. You should receive a notification from Shelby County in the next few days and signs will be posted regarding the meeting. The rules regarding Master Plan changes require everyone in the community to be notified regardless of the distance or impact the change may have to your home. We will have a representative at the Sales Office on the following days for anyone who may have any further questions and would like to review the Master Plan or you may contact Wayne Standifer, Scott Smallwood or Anna McConathy at our office at 205-871-9755. 


Tuesday, May 2nd, Thursday, May 4th, Tuesday, May 9th and Thursday, May 11th from 2:00pm – 5:00pm


    Our hope is that after you review the proposed change you will agree with the plan. We would greatly appreciate your support for our proposed Master Plan modification. 


Thank You, 


Douglas D. Eddleman 


Highland Lakes Community, Inc.



Click to View High Resolution Version of 2015 Master Plan



Click to View High Resolution Version of Proposed Master Plan