Highland Lakes Residential Association, LLC, has begun the election process of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) in the fifth sector. The fifth sector is made up of 33 homes on Highland Lakes Trace, Highland Lakes Bend, Highland Lakes Lane, and Highland Lakes Way. The reason this sector was chosen first is because it is one of the oldest sectors in the community and it is a completed sector.


Highland Lakes Residential Association, LLC. 2nd Annual Food & Toy Drive

As the holiday season approaches, it is our natural tendency to want to help those in need. Often though, this desire gets pushed to the back burner with the stress of our own gift shopping, family gatherings, and the general stress of the holiday season. Neighborhood Management, and the Board of Directors for your community would like to help you help others by hosting a food/toy drive in your neighborhood to benefit Toys for Tots and the Community Food Bank of Central Alabama.

In order to make donating as convenient as possible for all our neighbors, you are welcome to drop your donations off at the gate house on your way into the community anytime between now and November 2nd, 2014. In order to keep traffic flowing regularly through the gate, we are asking that all donations are made by entering the visitor’s lane. The gate attendant on duty will gladly accept your donations.

Highland Lakes residents take pride in the neighborhood being one of the finest residential areas in greater Birmingham. However, we have noticed an area that needs a little TLC…

Mailboxes, we check them every day so they tend to be overlooked, but it is part of the curb appeal that makes Highland Lakes Community beautiful. Most are in need of only minor repairs such as a fresh coat of paint and replacement numbers. Others may need more extensive repairs so we have added the following information in order to hopefully help you in repairing or replacing your mailbox. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call Neighborhood Management, LLC at 205-910-6598, and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Dear Highland Lakes Residents,

If you need a bar code you may stop by the Highland Lakes information center on Tuesday's from 1-5pm the cost is $10.00 per bar code. The car  must be present so that someone can install the bar code.  We are unable to mail bar codes and window decals, because we have to verify all registered cars.  You will have to show your licenses and vehicle registration (tag receipt) this is a requirement for all requests. It only takes about ten minutes per vehicle.  If you are unable to stop by on  a Tuesday, please contact me at 205-910-6598 to set a personal bar code appointment. 

Thank you, 

Neighborhood Management, LLC